If you are more about movies than books about poker, don’t worry, we are going to tell you about some titles throughout the history of cinema that have had  malaysia trusted online casino poker very much in mind. Don’t miss any of these movies!

Moon Game

This film from 2001 is set in Spain. It is about a girl who lives clandestine games since she is little until she becomes a well-known player in these circles. The climate of the movie is very interesting. It helps us to see everything that can be generated around and raise awareness to play responsibly . The director of this film is Mónica Laguna.

The King Of The Game 

A classic from 1965. Director Norman Jewison created this highly valued gem of cinema. This movie will take you to New Orleans, where a young man named Kid (Steve McQueen) ends up challenging the best poker player of the moment to a game. Do you want to know how it ends? We assure you that it will surprise you, and we do not want to spoil you.


Year 1998, director John Dhal. For many it is the best movie about poker ever made. You will be able to see different underground games in which a boy who studies law aims to pay for access to the WSOP in Las Vegas. Without a doubt, an essential movie if you want to learn a little more about this game. Also, Matt Damon plays a role that is worth enjoying.

Runner, Runner

In this 2013 film it is the first time that online poker is spoken in the cinema . The director, Brad Furman, tells us about a player who loses a significant amount of money in one session. Therefore, he decides to locate the owner of the room, who is in a retreat in Costa Rica. He will end up working for the company in a series of acts that will not let you look up from the screen.

Molly’s Game

Ideal for those who enjoy reading the book and then watching the movie, or the other way around. Based on the true story of Molly Bloom , a cunning girl who has become America’s most influential underground and VIP poker figure in recent years.

In real life, Molly Bloom, the protagonist and author of the book, pleaded guilty to various poker-related crimes and is currently leading a quieter life as a lecturer.

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