How To Learn To Play Poker? This Is What You Need In Online Poker

Poker is one of the oldest and most fun card games out there. It requires great mental agility and the ability to create strategies that allow you to win. The best thing to start playing poker is to do it simply for fun and without betting.

If you decide to gamble, let them be symbolic figures to have fun with your friends: 1 euro per head to create a pot is a more than reasonable way to have something at stake responsibly, as well as to play alone from time to time.

Playing Poker Online Is Not The Same As If  It Were Physical

We are going to give you a first advice, to learn in online poker it is necessary that you bear in mind that it will never be like playing face to face with your opponents.

You will not be able to see their faces or be able to read their expressions, so you have to learn to know their way of playing in a few hands in order to win more easily. Sounds good, does not it?

Learn To Play Poker In No Time

Poker is a game that, although it may be complicated, is easy to learn. Its rules are quite simple, what is going to cost you a little more is to learn to read the hands of the other players and know when you have to stop playing. Always remember that sometimes in this game, a withdrawal in time is a victory . We are going to tell you below some of the basic rules of Texas hold’em.

You Will Play With Only Two Up Cards

In this type of poker you have to play with the two cards that are going to be dealt to you. Then you will see how the cards are raised on the flop, turn and river , and thus you can build the hand that will give you victory or defeat.


The blinds are what bets made before the flop is raised (the first three cards of the table) are called. There are two compulsory ones: the small one and the big one.


You will be able to bet or raise the bet whenever you want in the corresponding round. Before the flop you will have a chance to raise the table if you have a worthwhile hand.

With these basic rules you can now start playing free poker online ; you just have to go for it.

Books To Learn To Play Poker

There are some books on poker that will help you learn a little more about this famous game.

Win At Poker

This book by David Sklansky for many is a basic of the literature of this game. For many poker players it is an essential book to read to learn how to play. It has examples of all the types of games out there.

Online Poker

This book is discussed by the writer Luis Valera but it is Raúl Mestre, the Spanish poker player with the most money earned from online poker (along with Ramón Colillas) who tells how all this happened and he became a millionaire person. An interesting read that will surely motivate you.

Heads Up Poker

For slightly more advanced poker players who want to improve their technique, there is this title from Gus Hansen. A work that talks about real situations at the table. With it, you can learn real techniques that will help you when you are at the table, what are you waiting for? We know you can be an expert!